Buffett’s Lessons to Idahoans on Charitable Giving

MB900448470[1]Giving to a good cause can have asubstantial impact on the need at hand, but where do you start? There are somany needs to be met, choosing a charity can be more challenging than you may think.Fortunately, the “Oracle of Omaha” has some words of wisdom when it comes tofocusing and leveraging your charitable influence.

Actually, Buffett’s counsel isreally a framework of thought - the“RISE Framework for Social Change.”

Forbes recently explored the RISE framework in an article titled “4 Charitable Giving Tips From Warren Buffett.”Originally developed by one of the lecturers with Buffett’s free online givingcourse “Giving With Purpose,” RISEis an acronym to help center your thoughts and guide you toward good decisionswhen seeing to do good, specifically:

  • Relevance – Clarify what motivates you.
  • Impact – What is your “portfolio” (thecollection of all your donations) and “toolkit” (the various ways you cancontribute including with your money)?
  • Sustainability – Is the charity likely to stayaround with its “business model”?
  • Excellence (in management and operations) – Isthe organization well-run from top to bottom?

If you would like to learn moreabout the RISE framework, then read the original article and consider enrollingin Buffett’s online course in the future. After all, the course is free and heseems to have a pretty good track record when it comes to his financialabilities.

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