Can Spouses Own A Business Together?


While there are many who would suggest keeping business and family separate there are many who find joy in working with their spouse. I came across a good article on the Forbes website on this very subject.The author, Allie Siarto, suggests there are "8 Rules For Starting A Business With Your Spouse"

The 8 rules suggeste by Allie are as follows:

  1. Have an emergency fund in place.
  2. Get an office as soon as possible.
  3. Know your personality types.
  4. Define your roles.
  5. Make a point to engage in separate hobbies.
  6. Discuss your tolerance for risk.
  7. Balance praise and constructive criticism. 
  8. Have a sense of humor.

If you are considering starting a business there are many things to consider beyond picking a partner. At Idaho Estate Planning we are the experts you can count on when putting your plan together. Remember, good planning is no accident.

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