Caring for Elderly Parents in Idaho’s Blended Families

Today’s “modern family” can makegood material for divorce courts and sitcoms alike, but it’s also becomingclear that there is a new family crisis brewing in elder care within these blendedfamilies. A New Old Age Blog article titled“In Blended Families,Responsibility Blurs” addresses this blended family challenge.

When it’s just parents and justthe kids born from those parents, caring for elderly parents can be difficultenough. Generally, most families assume that the adult children can work thingsout to take care of their elderly parents. In a blended family, however, andespecially in one where the parents of those adult children have remarried latein life, the boundaries can get blurry. Moral decisions once clear becomeambiguous.

With elderly parents in suchsituations, there oftentimes are changes in relationships for the worse thatcan lead to petty angers which further add to complications. Remember, everyfamily requires ongoing communication and shared understandings to make afamily run smoothly. Easier said than done. Nevertheless, you owe it toyourself and to your loved ones to come to that point.

Here is an important takeaway: the coming generationsof elderly persons are more likely to be in a blended family, so be preparednow for the challenges that may affect you and those you love. Call us today and arrange for a consultation. We'll bring everybody together and put together a plan that protects the elderly and works for the rest of the family. Remember, good planning is no accident.

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