Life Estate Can Be a Powerful Planning Tool When Done Correctly

Life Estate Can Be a Powerful Planning Tool When Done Correctly
A majority of individuals’ most important asset is their home, and protecting it is always a priority. In your retirement, though, the threat of huge, unexpected medical bills is a possibility, and expenses like long-term care –which Medicare and other regular health insurance plans...

Conservatorship & How to Avoid It

Another government default you don't want

  • 6 April 2017
  • Author: IEP Team
Conservatorship & How to Avoid It
A Conservator is a court-appointed individual who manages the financial affairs on behalf of a protected person. This protected person could be a minor, a developmentally delayed individual who doesn't have the capacity to manage his/her own affairs, or someone who has suffered an injury or...

Idaho Estate Planning - Get Real: Planning for Life, Death, and Disability

I recently accomplished a long standing goal to publish a book. My book is titled “Get Real: Planning for Life, Death and Disability”. The purpose of the book is to help people understand some of the realities of life and then to take control and plan for those realities. Let me...

Idaho Estate Planning - Making Sense of Community Property

“Community property laws are, in short, a mixed bag, sometimes a boon and sometimes a nightmare.” Many married couples living in the U.S. own assets that are deemed legally separate. This may include a business or real property purchased in one person’s name alone. The...

Idaho Estate Planning - You Can Leave a Legacy Just Like the Rockefellers

“You can empower your kids with a family trust that leaves a financial legacy.” Entrepreneurs may have a hard time deciding if they want to leave their children a large inheritance. You don’t want to create entitled, spoiled kids, but what’s so bad about giving your...