Dementia & Alzheimer's: Protecting Loved Ones From Financial Abuse

  • 8 May 2018
  • Author: IEP Team
Dementia & Alzheimer's: Protecting Loved Ones From Financial Abuse
Individuals suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s are especially susceptible to scammers and other criminals. On an annual basis, suffering seniors lose approximately $36.5 billion due to financial abuse. Fortunately, there are things one can do to avoid such risks – but first...

Idaho Elder Law - Tough Laws Proposed to Thwart Financial Elder Fraud

“Fraudsters could soon face tougher consequences for elder financial abuse.” Older Americans forfeit approximately $37 billion annually to financial fraud. However, new legislation under consideration in Congress would impose more stringent penalties for these crimes in an effort...

Idaho Elder Law - Should There Be a Registry for Elder Abusers?

“We need all hands on deck working to protect vulnerable seniors.” U.S. Representative Gwen Graham from Tallahassee, Florida, recently announced that she plans to introduce new legislation that would allow states to create a searchable registry of those convicted of elder...

Idaho Elder Law - Focusing on Dementia & Elder Abuse

“Curbing elder abuse requires dedicated effort on the part of all of us.” Kern County Aging and Adult Services recently presented its 19th annual Elder Abuse Conference with more than 100 participants focusing their full attention on improving care for the elderly, according to an...

Idaho Elder Law - Elder Justice Task Forces to Fight Elder Abuse

The U.S. Department of Justice has recently announced the creation of several Elder Justice Task Forces. The teams will target health care providers who commit crimes while serving the elderly, reports The National Review in a recent article, "DOJ Task Forces Target Elder Fraud in Health...