Things to Keep an Eye Out for this Holiday Season

  • 17 November 2016
  • Author: IEP Team
Things to Keep an Eye Out for this Holiday Season
With the holidays approaching, this time of year gives many of us a good opportunity to check in with the seniors in our lives. This could be parents or grandparents, but also elderly aunts, uncles, other relatives, and the seniors we come in contact with through church or other civic...

Idaho Elder Law - Yes, Medicaid Planning is Ethical

“Well, even if Medicaid planning is not illegal, it’s gotta be immoral or unethical. So I just won’t do it.” If you remember from my article from last month, this was a lunch guest who had a strong opinion about “hiding” assets or “pretending to be...

Idaho Elder Law - Medicaid Planning is Legal

  • 15 September 2016
  • Author: IEP Team
“How can you do Medicaid Planning?” That was the question my lunch guest fired at me not long ago. “It’s gotta be illegal to hide assets or at least immoral to pretend to be broke just to get Medicaid benefits!” she finished. Whoa, that was loaded question, but...

Idaho Elder Law - Tough Laws Proposed to Thwart Financial Elder Fraud

“Fraudsters could soon face tougher consequences for elder financial abuse.” Older Americans forfeit approximately $37 billion annually to financial fraud. However, new legislation under consideration in Congress would impose more stringent penalties for these crimes in an effort...

Idaho Elder Law - Should There Be a Registry for Elder Abusers?

“We need all hands on deck working to protect vulnerable seniors.” U.S. Representative Gwen Graham from Tallahassee, Florida, recently announced that she plans to introduce new legislation that would allow states to create a searchable registry of those convicted of elder...