Idaho Elder Law - Idaho in Top 10 Places to Retire

“Where to retire is a deeply personal decision that no one else can make for you.” Kiplinger rated all 50 states based on quantifiable factors that are important to many retirees in “10 Best States for Retirement.” The rankings favored states that are affordable,...

Idaho Elder Law - Pension, Pension, Who's Got My Pension?

"Think you're owed a pension, but no check is in the mail? Here's how to track down your benefits." Those lucky enough to have earned a defined-benefit pension are in a great position. This allows them to retire with a steady income stream for life. However, it's no...

Senior Matters Radio - Creating the Optimal Retirement Timeline

  • 28 April 2016
  • Author: IEP Team
In this episode of Senior Matters Radio, attorney Mark Wight and financial planner John Sellin, along with host Bo Higby, take a look at retirement. They discuss a timeline for optimal retirement planning, as well as different plans, and the downfalls of poor beneficiary designations. 

Senior Matters Radio - It's Never Too Late for a Financial Plan: Featuring John Sellin

  • 10 March 2016
  • Author: IEP Team
In this episode of Senior Matters Radio we are joined by insurance agent and financial planner John Sellin. John talks about his areas of knowledge including advanced, retirement, and business planning, but senior planning and long-term care is his specialty. He comments that long-term care...

Idaho Estate Planning - Financial Mistakes to Avoid

Turning in financial forms is a pretty easy thing to do, but it easily can be shoved aside when other, seemingly important things are thrown at us. If this is a 401k enrollment form, and we decide to "take care of it later," some of us will wonder what could have been had we just enrolled when...