What Vets and Surviving Spouses Should Know about VA Benefits

  • 14 July 2017
  • Author: IEP Team
What Vets and Surviving Spouses Should Know about VA Benefits
When it comes to the VA Aid & Attendance (more accurately called the Pension Benefit program), the VA may be keeping a secret! We know they aren't doing it on purpose, but we also know that many of the vets who are eligible for it aren't using what's available. Here are a couple...

Idaho Veterans Benefits- Don't Give Up on Qualifying for Aid & Attendance

The VA is a gigantic system with millions of veterans enrolled. There are several "divisions" within the VA, but of concern to most vets is non-service connected disability benefits, known as "aid and attendance." The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's article, "Elder Law: Veterans - Never Give...

Veterans Day 2015 - Memories of an Air Force Brat

Veterans Day 2015I’m a “brat”, and my dad was a “lifer”. I grew up in the Air Force. For most of you being called a brat would be an insult. For those of us raised in the military it is a term of endearment and even respect. Growing up “on base” is a very unique experience, one...

Idaho VA Planning - Reminder, Women Served Too!

Last month, two female officers made history as the first women to graduate from the (until very recently) all-male U.S. Army Ranger School. See the story here http://www.military.com/daily-news/2015/08/17/first-two-women-expected-to-graduate-friday-army-ranger-school.html. While this is indeed...

Idaho Veterans Benefits - Aid & Attendance True Story

Mike (not his real name) finally decided he couldn’t stay at home any more. He toured some local assisted living communities and found one he really liked. His family was somewhat shocked – happy shocked – but tried to move quickly before he changed his mind. His monthly cost would be...