Consider Your Medicare Options

The Medicare enrollment period has begun. For some, the process is frustrating and confusing. If you aren't sure which option is best for your situation you may want to read this article printed in the Idaho Statesman yesterday. The article can be found here. Along with the artice was a very nice list of tips for choosing the best Medicare option. Here is the list:


  • Shop around, even if you’re happy withyour current plan. You might be able to save money out-of-pocket whilepreserving your benefits.
  • Remember that with Medicare Advantage,there is no need to buy Medigap insurance. Your medications are most likelycovered, too — though not always — so there may be no reason to pay for aMedicare Part D drug plan, either.
  • If you like your current doctor, make acall to the office to make sure he or she still accepts your plan after the newyear. Or, if you’re leaving an employer-sponsored plan and want to remain withthat doctor, find out what Medicare plans he or she accepts.
  • Likewise, if you’re new to Medicare butlike your current insurance, call your insurer. It might have a Medicareversion of your current coverage. That can keep you from switching doctors,changing drug coverage or even switching your pharmacy.
  • If you’re looking for Part D coverage,focus on the medications that you know you need rather than stressing aboutmedications you might never need. Remember that health care reform is forcingdiscounts on drugs that fall into the previous coverage gap known as the donuthole.
  • Remember that the drug plan that isbest for you may not be the best plan for your spouse. Most likely, medicationand health needs are different, and your most affordable options will differ.
  • When you’re ready to dive in andcompare policies, have a list of medications ready so you can compare youroptions.
  • Don’t be afraid to enlist the help ofyour grown children, a trusted friend or trained counselors.
  • From Gail Jensen, an economicsprofessor at Wayne State University and a researcher at its Institute ofGerontology.

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Applications for Medicare and Medicaidare important and should not be taken lightly. If you, or a loved one, need tomake plans for long-term care, then you need to schedule a consultation with usright away, before you take any actions. Remember, good planning is noaccident.


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