Elder Care in Idaho: Exercise Shown to Reduce Rate of Dementia

A study published in the medical journal, Annals of Internal Medicine, showed that over a 6-year period, people 65 years of age and older who had no measurable cognitive impairment at the beginning of the study were approximately 50% more likely to develop dementia if they exercised less than three times per week when compared to those who exercised more than three times per week.

If you are an older American you would benefit from perusing the study mentioned. More importantly, we would encourage you to implement a regular exercise regimen following the guidelines set forth here.

At Idaho Estate Planning, we understand the challenges faced by elder Americans and their families. We have resources throughout the Treasure Valley, experts in the field of Elder Care. We have the experience and expertise to help you maintain your options and protect yourself as well as your loved ones now and into the future. Remember, good planning is no accident.



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