Elder Scams on the Rise in Idaho & Nationwide

Elder_abuse2[1]This is not a new topic for us as a quick scan through our past blogs will show. I came across a nice article from Florida with some good pointers I would like to share. The article titled Scamson the Elderly: Senior Care Tips for Fraud Prevention is a good read.

The article gives a few pointers on helping our parents or other loved ones avoid Elder Abuse.

  • Regularly evaluate how things are goingfor your loved one. Hire a geriatric care manager to help you keep an eye on things froma distance, get a periodic evaluation and check in with calls and in-personvisits. Continual communication can help you spot issues, as well as give your lovedone opportunities to mention concerns. A professional assessment (and ongoing evaluations)can help determine when it may be necessary to assist with managing finances andhousehold maintenance. Contact usto learn more about geriatric assessments and other eldercare assistance services.
  • Share information about popular scamswith your loved one and educate on issues such as giving out personal information.
  • Help set up a dignified "out"for solicitations. Perhaps your loved one can say they have their "advisor"review everything before they make decisions (whether that really is some type ofprofessional advisor, or running it by you). You might even suggest/share that youdo the same yourself, as it is easy for anyone to get caught up in scams and sometime to think about purchases and decisions helps.
  • Determineways to simplify finances and possibly consider a system for oversight (regularreview/access by a trusted professional or family member).

At Idaho Estate Planning,we understand the challenges faced by elder Americans. We have the experienceand expertise to help you maintain your options and protect yourself as well asyour loved ones now and into the future. Remember, goodplanning is no accident.


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