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Generation Gap Can Affect Idaho Family Foundations

MH900316853[1]Ensuring continuity of both yourfamily harmony and your family business is as much an art as it is a science.Such is the case with family foundations.

For a family with means, andperhaps also as a model for a family with fewer resources, a family foundationmay offer just a unifying bond.

A family foundation represents away of doing good as a family and even making those foundation goals the goalsof the family itself. This kind of unifying goal was explored by CNBC in an article titled “FamilyFoundations Prepare for the Next Generation.”

If you are the family member whoestablished the family foundation, the goal should expressly be to include andto establish a succession for your family foundation. In point of fact, afamily foundation is like a family business and shares many of the sameconcerns, anxieties, and goals.

Now, even a family of modestmeans can see the value in the family foundation model. If for no other reason,your family foundation can be a means of doing good as a family and lettingeveryone in the family work together to accomplish that good end. 

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