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Helping Your Divorced Elderly Parents in Idaho

Divorce is simply not a youngperson issue. In fact, boomers struggling to help their elderly divorcedparents are starting to offer evidence that there are issues and unpleasantsurprises awaiting those families who have not planned ahead.

The evidence has been slowly comingin for a while, of course, but current articles have helped to publicly put thepieces together for us. For example, consider a recent article in Reuters titled “Double the trouble when divorced parents getold.”

In broad strokes, marriage isand has been an important institution for us. Not only does it order our dailylives, but it organizes our longtime finances as well. On the other hand,divorced persons simply have to plan that much more for their own old age,especially when it comes to the question of living alone and perhapsshouldering medical care by yourself.

More often than not, thisactually is an issue for the adult children of divorced parents. After all,it’s already an era that calls for more and more care from children, but takingcare of Mom and Dad is an entirely different concept when they are no longertogether or there for each other.

Takeaway: for divorcedindividuals, this is simply something more to consider in your planning for thefuture; and for families, this is a necessary issue to address.

At Idaho Estate Planning, we understandthe challenges faced by elder Americans. We have the experience and expertiseto help you maintain your options and protect yourself as well as your lovedones now and into the future. Remember, good planning is no accident.


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