Idaho Pets Deserve Estate Planning Too

MB900403680[1]When you plan for your estate,you include the people you love and the property and/or assets you own. Butdon’t forget about another part of planning – your pets! You still need to makeplans for any family members who have feathers, fins or fur.

A recent article in Kiplinger was a bit more blunt: “Put a Plan in Place to Ensure [for your] Pets'Care.”

It is easy to forget aboutplanning for your pet or to simply assume someone will step in and care forthem. Unlike family heirlooms or bank accounts, other family members may notstep up to care for your pets. Even if they would like to, it may not work forthem financially, logistically, allergenically, or otherwise.

Unfortunately, things do notalways fall into place so easily when pets are at stake. In the end, providingfor your special friends is your last responsibility for them.

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