Learn From Pope Benedict - Retire On Your Own Terms

Index_benxvi[1]Many were surprised at therecent announcement by Pope Benedict XVI to step down from his post. Thisdecision is sure to go down in history, and it triggers an important questionin those with lifelong careers – when is the right time to retire?

While you may not have the sameproblems or responsibilities as the Pope, have you reflected on your own futureand when may be time to step down? This especially is true if you have nomandatory retirement age for your position.

A recent Marketwatch article titled “Retirement lessons from Pope Benedict”explored this timely issue. Whether you are the Pope, a business owner, or evena CEO there is always the question of succession. Aside from the businessaspects, on a personal level make sure your advance health directives arecurrent in the event you became infirm or incapacitated. While you are at it, agood top-to-bottom review of your estate planning likely is in order.

Whether you are responsible formillions or just a few, the take-a-way is the same - always be prepared! Come talk to us regarding your retirement and/or succession plans. At Idaho Estate Plannign we are the experts you know with the resources you need. Remember, good planning is no accident.   


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