Legacy Planning in Boise, Idaho

MH900401622[1]Perhaps you’ve heard or used the adage “can’tsee the forest for the trees”. Many Idaho outdoor enthusiasts have foundthemselves so thick in the pines they were unable to easily find their way. Unableto see the forest for the trees is a good object lesson when planning yourestate. In other words, don’t get so caught up in the details that you miss thebig picture.

You can get mired in the tax laws, thetricks and the tools, and even some petty family squabbling. At Idaho EstatePlanning we have always talked about leaving a legacy, passing on your valuesas well as your valuables.

An estate is just so much stuff,figuratively or literally. However, a legacy is so much more. In fact yourlegacy says more about who you are than your possessions ever will. Whether abeloved memory, a philosophy, a faith or even a contribution to those aroundyou. Usually, we seek to leave behind an estate for the good of our family, andwe work to protect this gift from what problems may lie in wait.

If leaving a legacy is of interest you may enjoyreading a recent article in Forbes titled “4 Smart Ways To Leave A Legacy”.

We've said it before, proper planning starts with a thoroughunderstanding of your needs, goals, dreams and aspirations. It takes intoaccount your Values not just your Valuables. It starts with a thorough understandingof your family – those who you care about and who will someday receive thebenefits of your success – and your family's dynamics. Let's work together toimplement an estate plan that works for you. Remember, good planning is noaccident.


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