Long Term Care for Wartime Veterans

We have spoken many times about the non-service related benefit offered by the Veterans Administration knows as "Pension". Pension has many levels and many names. You may have heard it referred to as Aid & Attendance, Housebound Benefit or Pension Benefit. It is always nice to find someone else talking about this under utilized benefit for our vets. I recommend reading "VA Benefits For Long-Term Care of Veterans and Their Surviving Spouses"  on the estateplanning.com website.

The Pension Benefit could pay as much as $2,020 amonth in disability income to a qualifying veteran household. A studycommissioned by VA in 2001 estimated that, over the next 14 years, only about30% of eligible veterans would apply for Pension. This is likely due to thefact that most veterans simply don't know about it. In fact, about a third ofall seniors in this country, age 65 and older, could become eligible forpension under the right circumstances. That's how many elderly war veterans ortheir surviving spouses there are.

At Idaho Estate Planning we understandhow to maximize the benefit or avoid a denial. We can also provide guidance formeeting the asset test. We provide the best strategies for reallocating assetsthrough trusts or income conversions to allow for the best possibleaccommodation of assets for beneficiaries thus avoiding or reducing: taxes;family disputes; and, Medicaid penalties.

We are VA Accredited and we know how tohelp you get the benefits you earned through your greatly appreciated serviceto our country. Good planning is no accident. To secure your peace of mind aswell as your family's future, get started now. Remember, good planning is noaccident.


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