Remodel Your Idaho Home with Retirement In Mind

MH900446480[1]These days, preparing for retirement doesn’t just mean stabilizingyour finances, preparing your estate, or securing affordable health insurance.For many, planning for retirement means making in-home renovations for a moreaccommodating lifestyle.

 As a recent article in Bloomberg highlights, assistedliving costs are on the rise. Consequently, many individuals nearing retirementare opting to renovate their homes to avoid increased assisted-care costs. Ifyou are heading towards retirement, it is vital to your financial health andthe stability of your estate that you consider “Remodeling asRetirement Planning.” Substantially remodeling your home to further accommodate anaging body may cost a pretty-penny up front, but it may pale in comparison tothe yearly cost of a nursing home.

 According to a MetLife Mature Market Institute study, the USNational Average for yearly nursing home costs is just over $75,000.Accordingly, a relatively simple $10,000 renovation to your home might provideyou with extra years of independent living, and save you thousands in assistedliving costs along the way.

Even though many renovations come with a lofty pricetag, some can be as simple as removing area rugs to reduce the risk oftripping. If you’re interested in renovating your home, consider consulting thisrecent Bloomberg article for a fewretirement-friendly renovation tips and tricks.

Idaho Estate Planning is part of theSenior Resource Network of Idaho, a non-profit network of elder careprofessionals and providers. Let us know your concerns and we will help you find the resourcesyou need. Remember, good planning is no accident.



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