Trustee Needs to Balance Promotion & Prevention

For all the laws andexpectations put upon trust officers, it’s important to note that they arehuman and differ in how they approach their work. This is important toremember, whether you are leaving the inheritance or are the beneficiary of onein trust. As reported by,“A Tale of Two Trustees” explores thedifferent mindsets of trust officers. Take note – this applies to trustees aswell.

The original article offers thediverging stories of trust officers A and B, and is really written to anaudience of other trust officers to advise them. Nevertheless, that doesn’tmean the article isn’t also useful to you non-trust officers. The trust is atool that operates on paper and through the legal code. Under the terms of thetrust, the trustee is bound by the clear language of the trust, but languagecan only take you so far. Interpretation of the not-so-clear language is leftto the trustee.

According to the article, thereare at least two important mindsets for trustees to adopt: “prevention-focused”and “promotion-focused.” This is equally important regardless whether you arechoosing a professional trustee or an independent individual trustee.

So, do you want a trustee whoplays things conservatively and works to protect the language of the trust aswritten, or do you want a more proactive approach that may lead to a greaterboon to the beneficiary? In the end, there is a necessary character assessmentrequired when choosing the most appropriate trustee. 

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