You Can Still Have Asset Protection in Idaho

MH900448718[1]Plans are made with the intentto put them into action in the future (if necessary). Asset protection planningis no different, although many people attempt this type of planning entirelytoo late.

A recent Forbes article is a good reminder that asset protection is likefire insurance – the best time to take out a policy (i.e., make proper assetprotection plans) is before the firedepartment arrives. The article is appropriately titled “Existence Of Claim Renders Some ClientsSeeking Asset Protection Effectively Dead On Arrival.”

Asset protection is about makingsure matters are structured now to protect them if a legal claim may threatenthem later. If there already is a claim, then any act to protect assets becomessuspect and reversible (or punishable).

If you have reason to protect your assets due to somefuture risk you can envision, then nowis the time to plan. Courts do not look favorably on last minute plays toprotect assets. Call us today and we will get to work protecting you and your family now and into the future. Remember, good plannign is no accident.


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