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Support our bowling team

Help Mark and the team bowl a "STRIKE" for Alzheimer's Idaho. All donations will go towards providing respite care for family caregivers and for education and training on how to care for those living with Alzheimer's (to help the Idaho Estate Planning team win by providing the most donations).

We'd love to have your support! We'll be collecting donations for Alzheimer's Idaho, so pledge by the pin, by the strike, or even by the gutter ball!

While you can donate ANY amount, we're looking for a little incentive to bowl better. Why not pledge an amount based on how many pins we knock down in our two games. For example, at a nickel a pin, if all six bowlers bowled a score of 100 for two games, your pledge would end up being $60 (6 bowlers x 2 games x 100 pins or 1200 x $.05 for $60.) 

Let us know about your pledge by giving us a call at 939-7658, emailing us here, or stopping by our Facebook event page and letting us know.

You can also donate directly to Alzheimer's Idaho using the button below.

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