Avoiding the Hospital - Nursing Home Revolving Door

Avoiding the Hospital - Nursing Home Revolving Door

Elders and their families are well aware of the dangerous roundtrip between the hospital to the nursing home and back again. It has been noted that as many as 60% of those roundtrips are preventable. Forbes recently covered this topic, the article can be found here

Idaho Estate Planning is part of the SeniorResource Network of Idaho, a non-profit network of elder care professionalsavailable to provide information on what we discussed above and much more. Letus know your concerns and we will help you find the resources you need.

In addition to caring for your parentsor other family members, it is also important to consider your own concerns forthe future. How will you maintain your independence as you grow older? Whateffect would a costly health issue have on your quality of life? The moreplanning you do now the less difficulty there will be later. Remember, goodplanning is no accident.


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