Alzheimer's - Idaho Estate Planning

Hospital–Induced Delirium

When the elderly visit the hospital it's simply not the same as when they were younger. No, everything is more dangerous.The New Old Age Blog at the New York Times recently discussed a danger that is all too common, but still under the radar screens of medical and the everyday worlds alike. It's...

Old Age Costs Rising

Are you planning for your old age or perhaps the old age of a loved one? If yes, then you know that such planning is all about getting a handle on healthcare. Unfortunately, the most recent study from MetLife indicates that the costs for long-term care and assisted living are rising at an even...

Dealing with Dementia

Do you have a loved one with dementia? If the statistics hold, many more of us will have loved ones with dementia in the future. Unfortunately, with workers (who still have employment) staying on the job well into retirement, that means we will have many co-workers with dementia, too. A recent...