Blended Family - Idaho Estate Planning

Idaho Estate Planning - Challenges Facing Blended Families

If you have a blended family, you'll need to tread carefully when it comes to your estate planning.When a parent with adult children remarries, it is often difficult to devise an estate plan that pleases both the new spouse and the children. Both the new spouse and the children can easily feel...

Idaho Elder Law - Managing Unequal Inheritances

Will you split your estate equally between your children? If not, how will you handle the potential emotions that could arise from unequal inheritances?For most people the idea that parents would want to leave more of an estate to one child than another conjures up the idea that the parents do...

Idaho Estate Planning - Challenges Faced by the Blended Family

When The Brady Bunch first aired, part of its appeal was the novelty of two families blending together. However, today that is normal for many American families as people often divorce and get remarried. Estate planning problems can arise for these blended families because it is often difficult...