Current Affairs - Idaho Estate Planning

Government Now Tracks Time Spent Providing Elder Care

There's rarely a shortage of personal stories about giving care to an elderly loved one. While there has been some private sector data on the subject, now there is official governmental information directly from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.The Bureau is the very same agency that publishes...

Family Limited Partnerships 2012

Sometimes managing family assets is like, well, running a business. Then again, some families actually do run their families like businesses and have enjoyed significant tax advantages by doing so through the use of the Family Limited Partnership.A recent article in The New York Times titled "In...

The Family Farm & Estate Planning

I came across this great article on the Iowa Farmer Today website. It brings up many of the same issues we discuss here regularly. If you own a farm or other small business it would be worth your time to give the article a read.Remember, good planning is no accident.

Independence Day

I wanted to share a few quotes from John Adams, one of our founding fathers that I find particularly inspiring and cause me to reflect on my own character as well as that of our nation."I am well aware of the toil and blood and treasure it will cost us to maintain this declaration, and support...

Reverse Mortgages

Ashlea Ebeling with Forbes magazine has an interesting article on growing concerns about Reverse Mortgages done incorrectly. It may be worth your time to read. You can find it here. With Reverse Mortgages as with all estate planning strategies it is important to discuss your options with your...