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Mark Zuckerberg “Likes” Prenups

Recent discussion of prenuptial agreements come like most financial news these days, by way of Facebook's newlywed Mark Zuckerberg. A recent article in CBS MoneyWatch titled, "Why Mark Zuckerberg needs a prenup," makes the case for his need for a prenuptial agreement.Zuckerberg and his billions...

Respecting The Stars And Stripes

It was pleasing to see over the Memorial Day Weekend many folks flying the Red, White, and Blue honoring those who have passed. It was also pleasing to see this article. As the Independence Day is just around the corner it may be worth your time to review the proper etiquette and care when it...

Looking Back at Memorial Day

I found an interesting article on Memorial Day. It is certainly worth your time to read.

Identity Theft and the IRS

Identity theft is a growing concern in America. Now there is one more scam to watch out for. This new racket is scary because the theif can be enjoying your tax return for almost a year while you fight with the IRS to straighten out the whole affair. Filing early with names and social security...

Preventing Elder Abuse

I would like to suggest a website with a wealth of information. The Clark County Prosecuting Attorney's website for Adult Protective Services is a wonderful resource. I would like to share a portion of the opening message on the home page:The abuse, exploitation and neglect of our elderly is a...