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Idaho Elder Law - Understand Medicaid Before Trying to Qualify

Even if you are eligible, don't rush into applying for coverage. Kiplinger's article, "What You Need to Know About Applying for Medicaid," discusses five scenarios for you to consider in your planning.Remember that your income and assets have to be at a very low level to qualify for Medicaid....

Idaho Elder Law - Are You Prepared to Jump Into Your Parents Financial Lives?

"As people live longer, and apart from their grown children. The age and the distance means that an increasing number of these grown children will be invited into their parents’ financial lives, with little clue about any of the details the parents had handled for decades." In a recent Wall...

Idaho Elder Law - Start Thinking Now About Medicaid

It is no wonder folks put off thinking about it, says The USA Today in "Navigating Medicaid for elder care can be as painful as the ailments." One reason we may not like this topic is none of us wants to spend our final days on Medicaid. In Idaho, as in most states, by default the individual...

Senior Matters Radio - Avoiding Hospitalization w/ Mike Powell

  • 31 March 2016
  • Author: IEP Team
Senior Matters Radio once again welcomes Mike Powell to the show. This time around he and host Bo Higby discuss the 5 ways to prevent senior hospitalization. The 5 ways to prevent senior hospitalization are: Follow the doctor’s directions Tune into symptoms Don’t think you’re...

Idaho Elder Law - Glen Campbell's Widow says "Plan for Alzheimer's" in a Cautionary Tale

Kim first saw the signs, but chalked it up to the normal aging process. However, once she suspected that her husband had a serious problem—more than just senior moments—she needed to get a diagnosis. Glen Campbell, now 79, was diagnosed with Alzheimer's in 2011. He performed the final show...