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Idaho Estate Planning - Too Poor for an Estate Plan? Absolutely Not!

If you have completed your estate planning, when was that? Where are the documents? Does your family know where they are located?Estate Planning needs to be reviewed and updated whenever there is a major life event like a marriage, birth, death, or divorce.Haven't done any estate planning? Why...

Idaho Estate Planning - What's the Difference Between a Will & A Revocable Living Trust?

A will gives instructions about distributing your property after death, and living trusts are typically revocable—they can be changed along the way, and they are "living" because they're created while you're alive. A will is only effective when you die; a trust takes effect as soon as you...

Idaho Elder Law - Start Thinking Now About Medicaid

It is no wonder folks put off thinking about it, says The USA Today in "Navigating Medicaid for elder care can be as painful as the ailments." One reason we may not like this topic is none of us wants to spend our final days on Medicaid. In Idaho, as in most states, by default the individual...

Senior Matters Radio - Planning to Succeed in Your Future: Featuring John Sellin

  • 7 April 2016
  • Author: IEP Team
“Failing to plan is planning to fail,” guest John Sellin, financial planner, states in this episode of Senior Matters Radio. Together he and Mark Wight of Idaho Estate Planning discuss the many items to consider for success in elder years including finances, healthcare, and having a plan...

Idaho Estate Planning - Plates of Armor Protecting Your Family

"Without a plan, a challenging time for your loved ones will become even more complicated and difficult."Estate planning is the way to determine what happens to you and your property when you can no longer make decisions due to incapacity or death. Without this, you stand to make a tough process...