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Social Security COLA Increase

Although it's been two years since Social Security beneficiaries saw some additional respite from rising inflation, finally we'll see a COLA increase for 2012 and an adjustment of 3.6%.The COLA, or Cost Of Living Adjustment, has been a nearly annual increase in Social Security payments. Why? To...

A Crummey Trust can be a Good Thing

When you're looking to pass on significant assets, a trust is a powerful tool. Quality is important. While a "crummy" trust won't cut it, a "Crummey" trust just might do the trick. Poor puns like this and more abound in a recent Forbes article about "Crummey trusts" I thought you might enjoy.A...

Dealing with Dementia

Do you have a loved one with dementia? If the statistics hold, many more of us will have loved ones with dementia in the future. Unfortunately, with workers (who still have employment) staying on the job well into retirement, that means we will have many co-workers with dementia, too. A recent...