Senior Matters Radio - Creating the Optimal Retirement Timeline

  • 28 April 2016
  • Author: IEP Team
In this episode of Senior Matters Radio, attorney Mark Wight and financial planner John Sellin, along with host Bo Higby, take a look at retirement. They discuss a timeline for optimal retirement planning, as well as different plans, and the downfalls of poor beneficiary designations. 

Idaho Estate Planning - Raising a Child with Special Needs

Many times, families raising children with special needs don't know how to begin their financial planning, says The New York Daily News in a recent article, "How to prepare a financial plan for families with special needs children."Experts estimate that raising a child to age 18 costs roughly...

Idaho Estate Planning - Too Poor for an Estate Plan? Absolutely Not!

If you have completed your estate planning, when was that? Where are the documents? Does your family know where they are located?Estate Planning needs to be reviewed and updated whenever there is a major life event like a marriage, birth, death, or divorce.Haven't done any estate planning? Why...

Idaho Elder Law - More Seniors Going Deeper in Debt

Manny Martinez lives in rent-controlled senior housing and watches his expenses. However, with all of his other bills going up, money from his Social Security—his only income—makes things rather tight financially for the 83-year-old. Sometimes he receives food from a church food bank where...

Senior Matters Radio - Reverse Mortgages: Facts vs Fiction w/ Beau Higby

  • 17 March 2016
  • Author: IEP Team
In this episode of Senior Matters Radio, our host Beau Higby is interviewed by guest host Mike Powell, about reverse mortgages. Beau will review what a reverse mortgage is, some common misconceptions about them and what some of the common terms you will hear with them mean to you! Knowing the...