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It's Never too Early to Plan - Why You Need a Legal Life Plan NOW

  • 1 March 2017
  • Author: IEP Team
It's Never too Early to Plan - Why You Need a Legal Life Plan NOW
Typically, when we meet with clients or potential clients, we're seeing families in a later stage of life. Many have adult children and grandchildren and are either retire or thinking about it in the near future. And that's great! We love these clients and we're particularly...

Idaho Estate Planning - What's the Difference Between a Will & A Revocable Living Trust?

A will gives instructions about distributing your property after death, and living trusts are typically revocable—they can be changed along the way, and they are "living" because they're created while you're alive. A will is only effective when you die; a trust takes effect as soon as you...

Idaho Elder Law - Guardianship Abuse a National Disgrace

Guardians are supposed to look after and protect the interests of their wards. Unfortunately, it has become all too common for guardians to take advantage of their wealthy elder wards.The purpose of court appointed guardians is a simple and noble one. When a person is not competent to handle his...

Idaho Estate Planning - Conservatorship, Guardianship, What's the Diff?

Bobby Brown and Pat Houston will be co-guardians for Bobbi Kristina Brown. Their attorneys said in a statement Friday that Bobby Brown and the sister-in-law of Bobbi Kristina’s late mother, Whitney Houston, spent a day in court working out the agreement. “We are delighted to inform the...

Idaho Elder Law - Guardianship Can Be Avoided

One Florida journalist recently received numerous heart-breaking testimonials from individuals feeling frustrated by a system that was designed to protect adults no longer able to fend for themselves. Their stories are sad. But maybe even sadder are the many instances where it turns out that the...