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Idaho Elder Law - The Toughest Talk You'll Ever Have With Your Parents

Opening the door to this difficult discussion may give your parents some peace of mind, as they'll know they were able to help you understand their wishes and spare you the stress of having to make those tough decisions on your own. They'll also take comfort knowing their wishes will be...

Senior Matters Radio - What Exactly is "Estate Planning"?

  • 3 March 2016
  • Author: IEP Team
In this episode of Senior Matters Radio with Mark Wight, he introduces himself, his company, and addresses what exactly “Estate Planning” is. In this information-packed episode, he covers an array of topics including the tools he uses for success, the difference between wills and...

Idaho Estate Planning - Must Have Planning Documents for Parents of Millenials

Millennials are not discussing end-of-life care with their parents. Nevertheless, to save your loved ones avoidable pain and legal wrangling at your death or if you become incapacitated, you should begin your estate planning today and that includes a conversation with your millennial...

Idaho Estate Planning - Don't Ambush Your Kids With Your Estate Plan

Money and death top the list of conversational taboos — especially among family — so a conversation about them might seem toxic. But it must be done. Baby boomers who haven't told their heirs about their estate plans shouldn't wait for the perfect moment, experts say in a MarketWatch...

Idaho Elder Law - Make a Plan Now to Deal With Future Incapacity of a Loved One

The Huffington Post says that sometimes holiday gatherings can be a time for family decision making, especially concerning the difficult issue of legal incapacity.The article, "Legal Issues for Concerned Family and Friends of a Possibly Incapacitated Individual," advises that functional...