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Mother's Day Special - Helping Parents Prepare for Their Future

Another oldie but goodie from January 2011 made more timely by the celebration of Mother's Day today. Our Moms (and Dads) deserve our attention when it comes to their potential long term care needs.There is a very good chance that you orsomeone you know is taking care of elderly parents now or...

Living Wills & Other Medical Directives in Boise Idaho

End-of-life decisions are complicated,but they can be met with proper planning todayto ensure your decisions will be carried out in the future. So, have you executed yourmedical directive or living will? Was it one you created yourself or downloadedfrom the internet? If yes, you might want to...

Maintaining Healthcare Options in Boise Idaho

Here is another in our "Greatest Hits" series of blogs. This one was first published in June of 2010.Being In ControlPerhaps the most important goal of any estate plan is to allow the client tomaintain control. Most of our clients here at Idaho Estate Planning are veryintent on “being in...