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Senior Matters Radio - Wills & Trusts: Similarities & Differences Featuring Mark Wight

  • 24 March 2016
  • Author: IEP Team
In this episode, our host Bo Higby and Mark Wight of Idaho Estate Planning, take an in depth look at the differences between wills and trusts, as well as the pros and cons to each one. They also gloss over the role a judge can play in a will, as well as powers of attorney. 

Idaho Estate Planning - Joan Rivers Pet Trust

Have you made proper plans for the pets in your life in the event of your passing? Don't forget! Take a lesson from the late Joan Rivers.The Joan Rivers estate is estimated to be worth approximately $150 million. The public does not know for certain how much the estate is worth as Rivers used a...

Idaho Estate Planning - Special Plans & Trusts for Special Assets

Passing along financial assets from your estate is typically straight-forward.. However, special assets that are not so cut-and-dry require careful planning and possibly call for special estate planning tools to be used.The Lake County News recently published a list of some of these special...

Idaho Elder Law - Planning For Your Pet

We all need to stop and take the time to organize important paperwork before a crisis occurs, including estate planning for our pets. A recent article inEveryday Health, titled “Pet Power of Attorney: Make Plans for Rover Before You’re Covered in Clover,” reports that the Humane Society of...