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The Family Farm & Estate Planning

I came across this great article on the Iowa Farmer Today website. It brings up many of the same issues we discuss here regularly. If you own a farm or other small business it would be worth your time to give the article a read.Remember, good planning is no accident.

Flash Mob Honors Veterans

If you would like a little uplift to your day read this article and watch the video. Fair warning, tears may follow as well as an irresistable urge to hug a veteran. Thank you to all our vets for all you have done.

Some Veterans Find Fireworks Unsettling

While browsing the internet for stories concerning our veterans I came across this interesting article. I think it is important for us to try and understand the very complex challenges faced by our veterans as they reinsert themselves into civilian communities. I can't help but feel compassion...

Reverse Mortgages

Ashlea Ebeling with Forbes magazine has an interesting article on growing concerns about Reverse Mortgages done incorrectly. It may be worth your time to read. You can find it here. With Reverse Mortgages as with all estate planning strategies it is important to discuss your options with your...

True Estate Planning Crisis Not About Taxes

For many years the number one driving force bringing people to confer with Estate Planning Attorneys is taxes. Certainly there are other concerns as well but just the word "taxes" strikes fear in the heart of the average American. Interestingly we have never included taxes in our list of Top Ten...