Government Now Tracks Time Spent Providing Elder Care

Government Now Tracks Time Spent Providing Elder Care

There's rarely a shortage of personal stories about giving care to an elderly loved one. While there has been some private sector data on the subject, now there is official governmental information directly from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The Bureau is the very same agency that publishes information on the Consumer Price Index, the Producer Price Index, and just about every government statistic, including the American Time Use Survey. This survey works to quantify how much time Americans devote to various tasks – and have to devote to those tasks in the first place. Interestingly, the survey has begun to include the activity of providing unpaid care to someone over age 65 "because of a condition relating to aging."

As reported in a recent post in The New York Times - The New Old Age Blog in an article titled "New Numbers on Elder Care," the Bureau has wanted to track this activity since 2003. Nevertheless, the addition is fairly recent and the results for 2011 have been published. The summaries shed light on the experiences of many Americans.

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