How Our Plan Protector Program Gives Peace of Mind

  • 11 October 2017
  • Author: IEP Team
How Our Plan Protector Program Gives Peace of Mind

When it comes to estate plans, one of the biggest mistakes we see is individuals who create plans, but fail to update them. We've talked about that at length; having a plan doesn't do you any good if it's not up to date. In fact, in some situations, it could be worse than not having a plan at all.

For example, what if since you created your plan you divorced and remarried? What if you named your first spouse as the beneficiary? Would you want all your assets going to your ex-wife? Or similarly, all the assets being divided between your new spouse and her children, rather than your own children? Life can get complicated fast, and without updates to your essential planning documents, you could create a mess!

At Idaho Estate Planning, we want your Legal Life PlanTM to be an easy, intuitive addition to your life. The goal is to make things easier—peace of mind doesn't just apply to checking the estate plan off your list. We know you're busy and your estate plan is something you don't want to have to worry about. That's why we created our Plan Protector ProgramTM.

Benefits to becoming a member

When you sign up for our Plan Protector ProgramTM, you become a member at Idaho Estate Planning. This affords you unique access to our team, along with special member events throughout the year. Be the first to know about news at IEP and our team. Get invitations to fun events for just our members.

Annual maintenance and changes to your Legal Life PlanTM

Being a member isn't just fun and games (though that's definitely part of it). Our members enjoy annual maintenance for their Legal Life PlansTM. We'll set up a meeting once a year to review your plan and make any minor changes that are necessary to keep it current. You don't have to remember to call us, you don't need to add stress to your already growing list. We'll reach out to you to find a good time for you to come and check in with us.

Expert counsel on updated state and federal laws

Not only are you busy, but you're not an expert on estate planning (probably). When you join our Plan Protector ProgramTM, you'll have access to our team members and their vast knowledge of the laws and policies that may affect your Legal Life PlanTM. We'll cover any of these changes at your annual meeting, or, if it's something urgent, let you know right away. You don't have time to keep track of that stuff, let us do it for you!

Curious about our Plan Protector ProgramTM? Want to learn more? Contact our office today and we'd love to walk you through the details.

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