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Women & Estate Planning

Estate planning is the personal responsibility of every adult American. Of course, that doesn't mean that certain groups don't have special concerns, especially women. Not surprisingly, Deborah L. Jacobs has written in Forbes about the case for women to come to grips with estate planning. Estate...

Credit Shelter Trust Still A Valuable Estate Planning Strategy

One of the most-heralded simplifications of the new estate tax law is portability of the individual's federal estate tax exemption between married persons. Some media "experts" have been saying that portability would eliminate the need for most estate planning. Not true. As pointed out recently...

Comparing Nursing Homes

If you and your family are screening nursing homes for a loved one, then you already know what a daunting process it can be. It may just be a little easier now with the federal government's newly-revised Read more

Dynasty Trusts

There are many strategies – or tools – available to the savvy estate planner to help protect and preserve the fruits of a lifetime of accomplishment, and pass them along to future generations. Bloomberg recently wrote about a specific type of trust known as the Dynasty Trust – a little...

Debt Deal is a Mixed Bag for Older Americans

For months we've been on the edge of our seats trying to figure out what Congress would do about the debt ceiling, and how their actions would affect the nation's seniors. Finally, we can all breathe a quick sigh of relief … then go back to waiting. The recent debt deal did not raise taxes and...