Special Considerations for Long-Term Care for Veterans

  • 16 November 2017
  • Author: IEP Team
Special Considerations for Long-Term Care for Veterans

Do you have a Vet in your life? Or maybe in your line of work you serve Vets? As our many of our wartime service members age, there are some circumstances and considerations for long-term care needs.

Types of long-term care

Depending on their health, there are a number of options for long-term care. This includes in-home health care, assisted living facilities, and nursing homes. Vets have the same options as the rest of the population, but there can be additional assistance available through the VA to help with health care costs and long-term care. It's important when looking at these options to listen to the needs and opinions of your loved one but to also consider the reality of their health and living situation. While they may feel like in-home care is their best option, their health may necessitate more around-the-clock care.

State Veterans Homes

One option specific to Vets is state-run Veterans Homes, available throughout the country. These facilities are nursing homes specifically available for Vets. In Boise, we have a Veterans Home that serves about 170 Vets. There are eligibility criteria for the facility, and the environment may not be for everyone. In our last post, we talked about Vets who may not want to talk much about their service or even be identified as a Vet. This may be one case in which the Veterans Home may not be a good fit.

Resources for Veterans

There is a range of resources available to Veterans, their spouses, and their caregivers. From the VA hospital and health care to the Aid & Attendance Benefit to pay for long-term care, many Vets are not taking full advantage of the benefits they've earned. Recent estimates show that fewer than 4% of eligible Vets are using their Aid & Attendance Benefit. We can only guess many of the other benefits aren't being used. 

To help Vets find appropriate resources, Mark recently talked to Mike Powell about how Vets can find out about benefits they can access. Tune into the Senior Matters Radio episode to hear all about it

We'd also love to be a resource for you, specifically in accessing the Aid & Attendance Benefit. Call us today to learn more about this special funding available to wartime Vets and their surviving spouses.

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