The Importance of Planning for Elder Care in Idaho

The Importance of Planning for Elder Care in Idaho

According to some sources, 60% of us will need long term care sometime during our lives. It is important for all of us to prepare for that day when we will need to help loved ones with care or we will need long term care for ourselves. 

We may prepare financially for unexpected disasters by covering our homes, automobiles and health with insurance policies. But no other life event can be as devastating to an elderly person’s lifestyle, finances and security as needing long term care. It drastically alters or completely eliminates the three principal retirement dreams of elderly Americans: 

  1. Remaining independent in the home without intervention from others
  2. Maintaining good health and receiving adequate health care
  3. Having enough money for everyday needs and not outliving assets and income 

Yet, it is our experience that the majority of the American public does not plan for the devastating crisis of needing eldercare. This lack of planning also has an adverse effect on the older person's family, with sacrifices made in time, money, family lifestyles and even affecting the family’s or caregiver’s medical and emotional health. 

Because of changing demographics and potential changes in government funding, the current generation -- more-than-ever -- needs to plan for long term care before the elder years are upon them.

At Idaho Estate Planning, we understand the challenges faced by elder Americans and their families. We have resources throughout the Treasure Valley, experts in the field of Elder Care. We have the experience and expertise to help you maintain your options and protect yourself as well as your loved ones now and into the future. Remember, good planning is no accident.


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