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Are You Prepared to Jump Into Your Parents Financial Lives?

  • 20 April 2020
  • Author: IEP Team
Are You Prepared to Jump Into Your Parents Financial Lives?
"Our situation no doubt will be more common as people live longer, and apart from their grown children. The age and the distance mean that an increasing number of these grown children will be invited into their parents' financial lives, with little clue about any of...

Idaho Estate Planning - Get Real: Planning for Life, Death, and Disability

I recently accomplished a long standing goal to publish a book. My book is titled “Get Real: Planning for Life, Death and Disability”. The purpose of the book is to help people understand some of the realities of life and then to take control and plan for those realities. Let me...

Idaho Estate Planning - Concerned About Your Child's Financial Future? You're Not Alone

"One third of parents with children aged 18-34 are willing to have a less comfortable retirement to support their children." More and more U.S. parents are concerned about their adult children's financial situation and are willing to put their own financial well-being at risk to...

Idaho Elder Law - Tough Laws Proposed to Thwart Financial Elder Fraud

“Fraudsters could soon face tougher consequences for elder financial abuse.” Older Americans forfeit approximately $37 billion annually to financial fraud. However, new legislation under consideration in Congress would impose more stringent penalties for these crimes in an effort...

Idaho Estate Planning - You Can Leave a Legacy Just Like the Rockefellers

“You can empower your kids with a family trust that leaves a financial legacy.” Entrepreneurs may have a hard time deciding if they want to leave their children a large inheritance. You don’t want to create entitled, spoiled kids, but what’s so bad about giving your...