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What We Can Do for You

Idaho Estate Planning will be there for every phase of your life. From early Strategic Planning, to middle-age strategic planning, and even later-stage crisis planning, our experts have solutions that work for you. Our team of experts utilize a range of documents and processes to address your individual needs and goals. At Idaho Estate Planning, our tailored packages give you peace of mind and security for your future.


From protecting assets to addressing the needs of young children in the event of the unthinkable, we can start your Legal Life Plan TM and customize a solution for your family and peace of mind.

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Strategic Planning

As retirement approaches, many people get more serious about family and asset protection. At this point, we can help maximize your resources for your long-term care.

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Crisis Planning

If you or a loved one are already at the point of needing long-term care, we can still help. Though options may be limited, we’ll find a solution for quality care while preserving assets and peace of mind.

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VA Planning

Navigating the world of Veteran’s benefits can be time-consuming and confusing. We are experts in helping you figure out which benefits will be best for your situation and goals.

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Five Point Comprehensive Planning ProcessTM

Any estate planning can be complicated and composed of a number of different pieces. To ensure your plan protects you now and into the future, we have created a Five Point Comprehensive Planning ProcessTM. Each point in this process is vital to a complete estate plan, no matter what stage of life. We start the Process with our Right Fit MeetingTM.


Right Fit MeetingTM

Like any other service, we want to be the best fit for you. Our expertise should match your needs, and your planning needs to fit our process and solutions. We ensure a good fit for you and for us in our Right Fit MeetingTM. Unique to Idaho Estate Planning, this meeting sets the stage for the partnership between the decision makers in your family and our expert team. You’ll come away knowing the next steps to take in protecting your family and your assets. Contact us to schedule your Right Fit MeetingTM today!